SSCA Neutrality


The South Shores Community Association (SSCA) has been tasked with gauging the community sentiment for creating a private security patrol association in South Shores.  Since spring 2016, SSCA has done thorough research on the topic, and they have determined that if enough residents want a security patrol program, it can be implemented here.  However, until there is enough confirmed community support for such a program, SSCA must maintain neutrality on the topic.  Because of their need to remain neutral, SSCA cannot engage in activities that actively promote the idea, or attempt to convince the community of its potential benefits – they can only act as a barometer.   Without central leadership actively coordinating a campaign, it will be very difficult to get residents to pledge their support in sufficient numbers to allow SSCA to change from a neutral stance to an “in favor” stance.  This is why this program needs to be promoted in a grass roots manner.   The only way a security patrol program in South Shores can be created is if the enthusiastic residents take the lead, build community support, and report back to SSCA with a sufficient number of pledges to create the program.


SSCA has been in contact with Derek Johnson, President and Operations Manager of a similar private patrol organization in Santa Monica called SMPA.  In order to maintain neutrality, SSCA has tasked Derek with garnering support for such a program, and he will report back to SSCA with his findings.  Since Derek is independent from SSCA, he is able to actively promote the program from an “in favor” perspective, and can actively manage and coordinate the volunteer efforts if necessary.